Location for Calan Mai 2009

The original call out for a marking of International Workers Day in Wales centered on a large event in Cardiff, there was a number of obvious reasons for this, but by no means does that mean anything has to be prescriptive. Indeed perhaps a decentralized, multi-topic and multi-tactic mobilization would be a better choice.

Some on a thread on urban75 have suggested for events in multiple locations across Wales, on his Red Rememberer blog Gethin ‘Iestyn’ Gruffydd suggests Swansea as the most suitable location.

Where any Welsh MayDay event takes place is not that important, what is important is that one does take place! Matters such as location, themes and tactics need to be decided upon by the coming together of people from across Wales who wish to see such an event happen. A meeting to get this process started will be called in the near future, though given the geographical area that many of the activists who have an expressed any interest live in the south eastern corner, this will almost certainly take place in Cardiff.

5 Responses to “Location for Calan Mai 2009”

  1. Dde Gymru, but no harm in linking with other towns…. the ‘port is not far away and something in ponty would be fantastic.

  2. Bedding says : I absolutely agree with this !

  3. The location could be almost anywhere, since only the sympathetic will turn up, but could be selected with an eye to the sort of publicity that it might gain since the wider audience whose consciousness you want to raise is gained through the media – and maybe the internet, although that is a self selecting audience aswell. Good luck with your plans ( and thanks for including a link to Repwblic’s phpBB ).


    I am a “no surrender” militant, “Free Wales” nationalist and a republican socialist. I have also been an ‘international’ freedom-fighter in Afghanistan, Burma and Croatia!
    Fe Ddaw Ein Dydd!


    OWAIN Glyndwr ein gwynderyn
    A’r Groes Naid mwy nid yw
    A’r Cymry hen a’r wlad wen
    Ac mae’n mamiaith yn fyw

    Cadwyr Cymru ac Sion s’yn galw
    Am Chwi Feibion Glyndwr
    yn fyw yn rydd neu farw
    Er mwyn Owain Glyndwr

    Plentyn Owain a Sion sy’n galw
    Am Chwi Filwyr (Y) Groes Naid
    yn fyw yn rydd neu farw
    O blaid Cymro’n danbaid
    Ar alaw “Amazing Grace”

    Fe Ddaw Ein Dydd
    Dros wlad fy nhad, fe godaf ryfelgri
    Hen Gymru’n gwlad a garu’n rhyddid ni
    Y Cymro hwn a’i cadw’n boddlon byth
    Sydd yn ymladd dros Gymru yn Gymru rydd
    Er mwyn Brychan, mab Cayo* ac Vivian
    “A fu farw(feirw), yn fyw fy hunan”

    Fe ddaw ein dydd wedyn ninnau sydd
    Yn codi eto dros ein harweinydd
    Gwlad o galon yn ffyddlon iddo ef
    A’r Fro Gymraeg a gwir gartref
    A’n heniaith lan a noeth hunaniaeth
    Yn herio’n gryf estronol gam-reolaeth.

    Ar alaw “FINLANDIA” gan Jean Sibelius
    * Brychan Coslett and Iestyn Evans

  5. Swansea or Cwm Rhondda!

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